Elvanto Permission Sync

Elvanto Permissions Sync (click to run) is a Google Apps script to perform a daily synchronisation between group and department memberships and related access permissions you specify.

Click on the link above and first enter your API Key from the Integrations settings in Elvanto (requires administrator access).

After you hit save, synchronisation settings will be loaded.

Working from left to right:

  1. select one or more access permissions from the list (due to the Elvanto API (v1) at least one user must have been granted that permission in Elvanto for it to appear)
  2. choose which groups/categories or departments/subs/positions you would like to associate with those permissions (you can check the “leaders only” box to limit the permission only to leaders of a group or group leaders within a category)
  3. check that the expected list of people appear in the “people in” list, according to who is currently in that group or department in Elvanto
  4. click the ‘Add’ button to grant your selected permissions
  5. check that the expected changes appear in the “net changes” list according to who should now gain or lost that permission (once you have granted a permission, anyone who currently has that permission in Elvanto but is not a member any of the selected groups or departments for that permission in this app will lose that permission after you save)
  6. hit the save button (you’ll be asked to confirm if there are more than 10 permission changes implied)
  7. once the permissions are saved, you’ll receive an email after the first sync is complete. Thereafter the app will synchronise the same permissions nightly so that any changes in group or department membership will be reflected in their members’ permissions.

This is a free utility and while feedback is welcome, no warranty or particular level of support is provided.