Elvanto Report Importer


Elvanto Report Importer (click to run) is a Google Apps script to perform a daily import of given Elvanto reports into a Google Sheets spreadsheet for metrics and analysis. The Elvanto API (v1) does not allow access to some data such as service reporting statistics, so this script directly logs into Elvanto on your behalf to access reports and import their data.

Click on the link above to access the script and enter the following information:

Elvanto username/password: Your normal details for logging into the Elvanto website

Elvanto report link(s): Log into Elvanto yourself and export your report as CSV (see example below), and downloading the exported file to your local device…

In your browser downloads (e.g. in the Google Chrome menu under “Downloads”), copy the download link for the report just downloaded (e.g. in Chrome right-click the file and hit “Copy Link Address”).

Return to the Google App script and paste this link into the “Elvanto Report Link field”. Press save. There will be delay as the report is imported for the first time. A link to your spreadsheet will appear in the success message. If you refresh the page an additional link field will appear so you can repeat the process for additional reports. Each report be imported as a separate tab in the same spreadsheet. The data is overwritten each time, so your report criteria needs to include the full history of data desired.

You can add additional sheets of your own to the spreadsheet for analysis and metrics. See an example here. Be aware the importer will overwrite as many sheets as you provide links, so be careful to add some spare sheets before your analysis tab(s).