Elvanto Service Builder


Elvanto Service Builder is a PowerPoint™ add-in for Windows that puts all the power of Elvanto™ service planning at your fingertips. Songs, attachments, volunteers – easily drop components into your slides, or just click “Build Service” and watch your whole slide-deck built automatically from the service plan – hours saved every month!

Get up and running with Elvanto Service Builder in minutes:

  1. Download and run the add-in installer. When you next run PowerPoint you’ll see the “Elvanto” tab.
  2. Obtain your Elvanto API Key. You (or your Elvanto admin) can get this from Elvanto under Setttings>Integrations->Get API Key:Elvanto
  3. Return to PowerPoint and enter your API Key into the Elvanto Service Builder settings:Settings
  4. Click “Connect”, wait a moment, and you’ll see a list of upcoming services to pick from!


Key features:

  • Insert individual service elements as slides directly from the planitems_dropdown2
  • Automatically download and insert files attached to service items and songs, including other PowerPoints, images, Youtube clips – almost anything!songfiles_dropdown
  • Drill down and insert individual verses of songs – with page-breaking!songverses_dropdown
  • CCLI number and other song details are automatically insertedbuild_song
  • Links from item descriptions downloaded and inserted, including Bible Gateway™ links.build_reading
  • Use our defaults, or define your own template to match your normal layouttemplatefields_dropdown