Elvanto Services/Depts Sync

Elvanto Services/Departments Sync (click to run) is a Google Apps script to perform a daily synchronisation between your rostered service positions and people’s department memberships.

Click on the link above and first enter your API Key from the Integrations settings in Elvanto (requires administrator access).


After you hit save, synchronisation settings will be loaded.

Working from left to right:

  1. Select one or more departments, sub-departments, or positions (hold down Control or Command to select multiple). Due to the Elvanto API (v1) at least one user must have been granted or rostered on that position for it to appear.
  2. The people already in that department are listed, followed by those who are rostered on that position. Verify that the expected list of people appears. By default only future rosters are considered, but you can adjust the “Past Roster Weeks” figure to include people rostered in the past. Note that if you choose to synchronize whole sub-departments or departments, a large number of people and changes can be implied.
  3. The final (right-hand) list displays the changes that will immediately occur if you start syncing, which represents the rostered people who have not yet been added to that position. By default departments are only added, not removed. But if you check the “Remove if unrostered” box, departments will also be removed if a person is not rostered within the same period. This is a sliding window so that, over time, only people currently rostered will retain their department memberships. If using this functionality you will probably need to set a “Past Roster Weeks” equal to the length of your roster to ensure that everyone is not removed from their departments towards the end of the roster before the next roster is created.
  4. Once you hit save, you’ll receive an email after the first sync is complete. If you reload the page at this point the “Changes” list should then appear empty because all the department memberships have been brought in sync with the roster. Thereafter the app will synchronise the same permissions nightly so that future roster changes are kept in sync.

In addition, you can select one of your custom fields (which should be a multi-line text field) to be updated with a list of each person’s rostered roles in the coming week across all services they are rostered onto. This is an independent feature that can be helpful for searching within Elvanto for people serving across specific departments in the coming week.

This is a free utility and while feedback is welcome, no warranty or particular level of support is provided. Please check the “changes” window carefully each time you make changes to ensure wholesale unexpected changes are not applied.