Elvanto SRE Sync

Elvanto SRE Sync (click to run) is a Google Apps script to perform a daily synchronisation of SRE teacher details between Elvanto and the SRE Google Docs spreadsheet link provided by Youthworks.

Please note: this utility is able to overwrite information in Elvanto or your SRE spreadsheet according to your configuration settings. It is highly recommended that you take a copy of your SRE spreadsheet in case of configuration mistakes (go to File->Make a Copy…).


  1. To begin syncing, simply enter the spreadsheet link (just cut and paste from your browser address bar, or click the button to select from Google Drive).
  2. Paste your Elvanto API Key (from Settings->Integrations in Elvanto) and hit save.
  3. You’ll now see the group and field lists populated with data from Elvanto. Select your SRE group, used to signify all your active teachers & helpers (hover over the name of a group to see the names of people currently in that group).
  4. Select the relevant custom fields that you would like to synchronize (e.g. WWCC number) with the spreadsheet or set to default values. If your nominated custom field has a different range of values to the SRE spreadsheet, the ‘Type’ will be highlighted in red. You can see the allowable values by hovering it (compare it to hovering over the ⓘ of the SRE field).
  5. Set the sync direction. Mostly you’ll want to automatically update your spreadsheet from custom fields you’ve set up in Elvanto, so you’ll probably be choosing “Update Spreadsheet”. However, if you have information in your spreadsheet you want to copy back to Elvanto (e.g. if you’ve just created your SRE custom fields in Elvanto and they’re all empty), you can choose “Update Elvanto” to start with, and after the initial sync you can reverse the direction so that Elvanto becomes the main reference from then on.

If you don’t choose an Elvanto field or there is no sync direction or no default value, then that field will not be synced.

Whenever you save your configuration settings there will be an immediate sync, and you’ll receive an email to confirm that process has completed. From then on there will be an early-morning synchronisation to keep Elvanto and your SRE spreadsheet in sync.


This is a free utility and while feedback is welcome, no warranty or particular level of support is provided.